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Tantra massage is a unique and sensual massage experience that combines elements of traditional massage techniques with the principles of tantra philosophy.
This massage is designed to awaken and awaken the sensual energies of the body, mind, and spirit.
Here are some key techniques that may be used in a tantra massage:
- Breathing techniques: The therapist may guide the recipient in deep, mindful breathing to help them relax and connect with their body.
- Touch: The therapist may use a variety of touch techniques, including stroking, kneading, and caressing, to stimulate the senses and awaken the body's natural energy flow.
- Energy work: The therapist may use energy work techniques such as chakra balancing and crystal healing to help the recipient release any blockages or imbalances in their energy field.
- Yoni or lingam massage: In a tantra massage, the therapist may also offer a yoni or lingam massage, which is a massage of the genital area. This can be a deeply intimate and healing experience for the recipient.
- Visualization: The therapist may guide the recipient in visualization techniques to help them connect with their sensual and spiritual selves.
Overall, tantra massage is a holistic and deeply relaxing experience that helps to awaken the body's natural sensual energies and promote healing and self-discovery.


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