Massage Salons & Masseuses


Body to body massage is a sensual and intimate massage experience that involves the therapist using their entire body to massage the client's body.
Techniques may include the therapist sliding and gliding their body over the client's skin, using their hands and fingers to apply pressure and stroke specific areas, and incorporating erotic touches and caresses.
The massage may also include the use of massage oils and lubricants to enhance the sensations and add a slippery, smooth texture to the skin.
The aim of the massage is to promote relaxation, pleasure, and arousal for both the therapist and the client.
This type of massage may also include elements of tantric massage, which focuses on building and prolonging sexual energy and arousal.
Some possible techniques that may be used during an erotic body to body massage include:
Lingam or yoni massage, which involves the therapist massaging the client's genitals and other sensitive areas in a sensual and erotic manner.
Breast and nipple play, which may involve the therapist caressing, licking, or sucking on the client's breasts and nipples.
Body worship, which involves the therapist using their hands and mouth to explore and pleasure the client's entire body.
Erotic teasing and teasing, which may involve the therapist using their hands, mouth, or other body parts to tantalize and arouse the client without necessarily leading to orgasm.
Mutual touch and play, which allows the client to touch and pleasure the therapist's body in a consensual and agreed-upon manner.


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